DataFile Premium Account – the provider at a glance


On the DataFile page you can upload as many files as you like and thus make them available to other users. You can also download the files that are of interest to you from the many other users.

You have two options for uploading files – the free uploader and the account for larger files.

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Features of DataFile that deserve special mention

  • free use possible
  • Cheap Premium Account
  • comprehensive service
  • anonymous payment methods possible

The DataFile service

In order to use the service, you must first register. All you need to do is enter an email address and choose a password.

With a tick you now only confirm that you are a real user and afterwards you can use the offer.

With the free account you can upload a total of 500 gigabytes of files with a maximum of 10 gigabytes per download.

If you want to upload even more files at maximum speed, you can purchase a premium account for $14.99 per month – equivalent to a daily price of just 50 cents.

With this subscription, you can upload an unlimited number of files with up to 30 gigabytes per download. While the data is only stored for 30 days with the free service, your files are stored indefinitely with the premium account and are not available until the account is deleted after 30 days.

In contrast to the free account, you can pause the downloads, start several downloads at the same time and are not confronted with advertising. The 30-second delay included with the free account is also eliminated.

Payment at DataFile

Once you have decided on a DataFile Premium Account, you have various payment options to choose from. The credit cards VISA and Mastercard, Webmoney, JCB and Maestro, among others, are accepted. In addition, various other payment methods are possible with the provider and resellers.

AttributesFree of charge30 days for $14.99.
Download speedSlowVery fast
upload size10 GB30 GB
data storage30 daysUnlimited
Pause DownloadsNoYes
No advertisingNoYes
Multiple DownloadsNoYes
Download delay30 seconds0 seconds

>> Get Datafile Premium Account

Data protection and the security of your privacy at DataFile

Today, data protection is of enormous importance and for many people more important than ever before. Fortunately, companies in many areas are now required to keep user data secure and confidential. We have taken a close look at the DataFile provider and can use this information to confirm the hoster’s confidentiality.

An absolutely trustworthy handling of the personal data is promised. If data is used by you, then exclusively for the intended business processes. In addition, anonymous data may be collected by you – this non-personal data is used to optimize the service and to draw conclusions about customer interests.

Should your data be passed on to partner companies which are, for example, connected with the service used, then only in compliance with the same standards and, of course, in accordance with the applicable law.

In conclusion, there is absolutely no need to worry about personal information – all information is kept confidential so that you can use and enjoy the provider’s service with confidence. Customer Service

To contact the provider DataFile, you have three options – two ways via the Internet and the postal contact.

At the bottom right of the page you will find the menu item “Contact”. On the target page you will find a contact form, where you can specify your request, as well as an email address and the postal address.


Our usability rating

Using the DataFile service is simple and easy for everyone to understand. Even without using DataFile Premium, you can use and test the service of the provider to a limited extent. Uploading is possible both on the start page and via the “Upload files” tab. At the top of the page you will find the clearly arranged navigation to be able to call up all important subpages immediately. All in all, is structured very user-friendly, so that you can often see everything immediately on a page without having to scroll much to find certain functions or information.

As with the Uploader, managing files at is done in a clear user interface where all important information is visible at a glance. The file manager helps you to manage your data, the functions are quickly recognized by the icons. Thanks to the good structuring with File Manager, you will always find the desired data in DataFile without having to search for it for a long time.

All in all, a practical structure awaits you at DataFile, which enables you to find all functions and information immediately, both with a free account and with DataFile Premium, thanks to the absence of unnecessarily complicated structures. Instead of complex nesting, everything is divided into a maximum of three levels, allowing you to work quickly and effectively with the service.

Further information on how other users have found their way with the service can be found, for example, on the Trustpilot rating platform.

Our conclusion on the provider DataFile

The online presence of DataFile is clearly structured so that the user can quickly find all important functions and information. The functionality is simple and practical, so that even inexperienced users can enjoy the service to the full. A free DataFile account already offers you many advantages and with DataFile Premium you can enjoy all advantages at high speed. Test the service with a free account and if you like it, upgrade it to a DataFile Premium account.

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